Make Your Community Heart Safe 

Heart & Stroke would like to see AEDs available in all public places and encourages all people, groups, and corporations to consider investing in AEDs for their venues. 

The sooner AEDs are used on people in cardiac arrest, the greater their chance of survival. While any organization with a commitment to employee and client/visitor health should consider implementing an AED program, Heart & Stroke strongly recommends an on-site AED for venues where:

  • Large numbers of people gather and/or are located

  • There are barriers to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) response such as a large building, a high-rise office tower, or a large geographical distance between the nearest EHS station and the site

  • People who are considered at risk of a sudden cardiac arrest are on-site (i.e. people with known medical and/or heart condition

For a limited time, your purchase of an AED will help support the work done by Heart & Stroke. The Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 and G3 units can be purchased by contacting Iridia Medical at or 888.404.6444 x 209. Use the code #MiamiNights to have $125 of your AED purchase donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

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